Nadir of Nadine

Posted on: 18/11/2012

I like independent ladies. I am one myself.  However, sometimes we girls don't help ourselves.

Take Nadine Dorries, a Conservative MP.

Nadine is paid a reasonable salary to serve her constituents. Part of the service she is meant to deliver is being present in Parliament to discuss and vote.

However, Nadine doesn't believe anyone is really interested in the goings on at Westminster. Apparently, she needs a bigger soapbox.

The soapbox Nadine has chosen is the TV show "I’m a celebrity, get me out of here", fronted by two young men called Ant and Dec.

I don't watch this TV spectacular myself but I am told it involves "celebrities" sitting in the jungle in Australia, not changing their clothes or washing for weeks and being forced to do awful things like eating ants.

It must make those green benches at Westminster seem quite comfortable.

So that is what Nadine is doing. Eating insects whilst she should be in the Mother of Parliaments.

Honestly, the show seems silly but that may just be my old fashioned taste. The main point is, though, that if Ms Dorries was doing this during her holiday period, when Westminster is not in session, she should be entitled to do what she wants.

However, at the moment 600 or more MPs are doing their jobs and one isn't.

Nadine should finish her meal of ants and get back to the mundane diet of digesting papers in the House of Commons.

Otherwise, she might find that the next time she asks the constituents for their votes, they may not feel it has been wizard that she has spent so much time in Oz.

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