My Wish For 2013 - More Sticking Plasters

Posted on: 01/01/2013

Happy New Year!

Many people make New Year Resolutions.
I don't.
Many believe the World can be a better, fairer place.
I don't.
Realistically, the World will lurch from crisis to crisis in 2013. Just as it does every year.
Realistically, most of the World's population will live in poverty in 2013. That has never changed.
Realistically, there will be little peace for anyone on our planet in 2013. No change there either.
Everywhere one looks, in almost every country, there can be found groups of people looking for change. Arab Springs, Velvet Revolutions, Basque Independence and a hundred other similar situations point to a desire for change.
Change; progress; improvement; development. All good words. But only words.
America has apparently avoided falling off the "Fiscal Cliff". It will do so every year because the US is too big to be allowed to fail.

So let's face facts.

For most of the human race, little will change for the better in 2013.
For individuals, there is always hope. More money, better health, greater self-esteem, short-term contentment, ... whatever ... all are possible.
On average, however, little changes.
There are no permanent solutions. Whenever they are promised, they turn out to be mirages.
No wound on our planet ever permanently heals. The cuts, thousands of them, are always there, seeping.
So my hope for 2013 is that we continue to have enough sticking plasters to temporarily cover every cut.
Of course, we need a bigger box of sticking plasters every year. The population of the World increases every year. This in turn increases the potential for more cuts.
Will the plasters ever run out? Optimistically, it has never happened so far.
Let's stay optimistic in 2013.


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