Money Matters - But Freedom Matters More

Posted on: 16/08/2012

These days , the most noteworthy aspect of marriages is how they end.

Access to children is often an important point but, mainly, arguments between estranged partners centre on money.  Usually, the women is trying to get a share of the joint marital financial assets.

I have to say that I am not a great advocate of joint bank accounts.   The idea seems to have its roots in a time when most women did not work, so a joint account in theory gave a wife some access to money to keep the family housed and fed.

Of course, at least in some parts of the World, women have moved on from those far off days when being a "housewife" was the norm.  In Western Countries, most women work and have their own funds.

I am all for women keeping their funds separate from their husbands/partners.  Money brings with it a measure of independence - and we women badly need that in a World where the cards are still very much stacked against us.

In closing, I have to make reference to the participation of women in the Olympics.  It is being trumpeted as a great success that every country involved had at least one woman in its team.

I do not see it that way.  Countries like Saudi Arabia sent a token female representative.  It was an empty gesture.  The Saudis have no intention of changing their appalling treatment of women.  Any country that ,for example, bans women from driving is not fit to take part in a celebration of World sporting unity.

Saudi Arabia and all other countries where women do not have equal rights with men should be banned from the Olympics until such rights are granted.

By the way, religious reasons should not be accepted as an excuse for depriving women of equal rights.  All religions are controlled by men and their rules constructed to sustain male supremacy.  There is no role for religion in sport, including in controlling the clothing women can wear.

The Saudi father of the one female member of their team said that he would have withdrawn his daughter if she had not been allowed to were a headscarf.  HE would have withdrawn his daughter?  That says it all about the rights of women in Saudi Arabia.

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