Keeping Politics Out Of Football

Posted on: 10/02/2012

It has been bemusing this week to see various politicians pontificating about football.

Most people recognise that the English Premier League is a great success story, filling TV screens around our planet almost every day of the year.

What worries some politicians is that many football clubs have significant debt.

Now many will consider such concerns a bit rich (if you forgive the pun), given the debts run up by some e.g. British Financial Institutions and, indeed, UK PLC.

Yes, of course, the salaries of some footballers are very high BUT most fans really don't care about that. They want to watch top players, whatever the cost to their clubs.

In any event the great news is that, however big their debts, few clubs ever disappear. They often appear to sink without trace, only to emerge much lower down the league structure.

Football clubs have a much greater propensity for survival than "normal" businesses, including Financial Institutions.

So politicians should direct their attention to problems elsewhere - football can survive without interference from Westminster.

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