Keeping Cash First

Posted on: 22/10/2013

I am currently attending a security conference in London.

Criminals are always looking for new ways to improve their standard of living. Sometimes they are successful.

Where cash is concerned, it has been subject to criminal activity for around 2700 years.Despite this, users love the product so much that they still use it to pay for over 80% of purchases made on our planet.

Those who tout cards as an alternative to cash love to emphasise the " risks" associated with the Worlds favourite payment method. They usually conveniently forget the huge fraud losses which are directly attributable to card use every year.

Visa and MasterCard would love to scare the public-you & me-away from using cash.It hasn't worked so far but they are certain to keep trying.Abject failure doesn't seem to worry them,probably because they are funded by high fees ultimately paid by retailers and their customers ie they are using OUR money to pay for anti-cash marketing activity.

Whatever new security issues arise in connection with cash, those who supply it must ensure the UK public and visitors continue to get convenient access to crisp new banknotes.Cash is vital to the daily lives of almost 7 Billion people Worldwide and it must ALWAYS be available to those who require it.

Like the Wells Fargo stagecoaches of the Wild West,cash must always get through!



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