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Posted on: 10/12/2012

It is lovely that Kate and William are having a baby. They seem a devoted young pairing, so unlike the Charles/Diana combo.

One excellent new twist to this Royal tale is that if the offspring is a girl, the recently mooted changes to rules of succession mean the young lady will be third in line to the throne. Prior to this change, the princess would have been behind every male child born to the current crop of royals.

It is good that females are finally enjoying equality in the realms of royal succession. However, throughout the World there remains horrifying inequality between men and women.

Look at China. The murdering of female children by parents who want their only permitted child to be a son has left the country with 60 million fewer women than men. This will likely create unhealthy tensions within society, including a surge in prostitution.

In Africa, the position is hardly better. Post natal care is so poor that many women suffer permanent incontinence after childbirth. Such women are often forced out of their villages and live lonely lives, shunned by even their families.

There are numerous other examples I could give but there really is no need. The picture is crystal clear and must be unacceptable to all thinking, caring women.

In the West, the two World Wars catapulted women into importance in their nation's economies. There was no going back. Women now enjoy economic and social independence that has transformed all of our lives.

No nation, society, tribe, cult or religion can be allowed to treat women as inferior beings. We women in the West must force our governments to take an uncompromising stance with all male supremacists, however they label themselves.

Whenever there is a populist uprising anywhere in the World, the most common cry of the masses is "Power To The People". Sadly, when the incumbent regime is unseated, "people" somehow morphs to "men", with the new men often turning out to be as bad as the old mob.

I don't believe things will really change until women can lead most of the major countries in the World. In Britain we perhaps had a false dawn with Maggie Thatcher but not one woman has risen to the top in the US, China or Russia.

The time is ripe for change. As the song goes, "women are doing it for themselves". We need to because many men love the power they have used to abuse us.

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