I've seen it all before!

Posted on: 29/11/2010

This week Grumpy Granny introduces herself and tells us why she's seen it all before…

Hello folks. Oh, I know you will be wondering why an old girl like me is writing for such a youthful web site… Well, let me tell you, I was wondering that too - and then I realised that I needed the cash they pay me to supplement my pension.

Anyway, I will try not to show my age (although I do wear thick tights, I am no Nora Batty you know!) and simply give my views on how things are going now.

My skin is as thick as my make-up, so please feel free to drop me a "gmail" to let me know your views on my musings. You will be glad to hear that I will not too often test your immature patience by constantly referring to the "good old days" (wasn't that a Sixties? TV version of the X Factor?).

However, it is worth scribing that what goes around comes around and also that in some ways, little changes. In the sixties, we had the pill, short skirts, recreational drugs, great music and were as free as birds (in fact we WERE free "birds"!). Looking at the scene today, "same as, same as" is my judgement.

Were we happier then? Well, I certainly was but then I was seventeen when the Fab 4 first charted and it was Beatlemania all round. Who wouldn't have been happy? (except my poor Dad, of course). Some of us were GaGa about the Beatles long before a certain "Lady" of the same name was even born.

I certainly didn't worry about cash; what I received (thanks to my Student Grant and Dad) I spent - simple as. There always seemed to be enough, except when my pill didn't work, but that's another story. Let's just say for now that you don't become a Granny by always taking your pill at the right time…

More soon!

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