If you have a dog, walk it

Posted on: 20/01/2012

It amazes me how many professional dog walkers there are these days.

Of course, in one way, it can be portrayed as being good that some employment has been created.

However - and it is a huge HOWEVER - I am dead set against this trend.

Similarly, I don't agree with people who have children and then pass-off their off-spring to nannies and the like.

Too many dogs are for "show" - and, far more importantly, so are some children.

We women are said to have a biological need to have children. Fine. We also, though, have a moral obligation to organise our families so that parents play a prime - and positive - role in the upbringing of those children.

I don't have children - or a dog. My choice. If your choices are different, make sure you face up to the responsibilities that go with those choices. Don't expect people like me - or the Government - to step in to solve your problems if your choices prove to have been the wrong ones.

Walk the walk - and the dog - AND LOOK AFTER YOUR OWN CHILDREN. 

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