If There Has to Be A World Reserve Currency, It Has To Be.....

Posted on: 29/05/2019

One of the big issues today is the existence of a World Reserve Currency.

The US $ is currently that currency.

This gives the United States tremendous power, a power at this moment in the hands of one Donald Trump.

Effectively, the United States can simple print dollars and use them to pay for anything, anywhere.

There is no home country inflation impact, because dollars exported mostly never come back.

They simply circulate around the planet, held by those who believe the World Reserve Currency is their safest way of holding cash.

This might work more or less ok if the man ( so far never a woman) pulling the strings is acting in a more or less even-handed manner.

This is not something of which Mr Trump could be accused.

It is perfectly acceptable to put your own country 1st ( and 2nd and 3rd) BUT not if that country is the issuer of the World Reserve Currency.

So what are the choices?

For most, it is perfectly clear that neither China or Russia is acceptable as a host for the World Reserve Currency. If you don't understand why, you probably shouldn't be reading this article.

There is only really one sensible candidate to be the next World Reserve Currency.

That currency is NOT one controlled by a single country. It is not one subject to the whim of one idiosyncratic leader. It IS one that has the credibility to become a new favourite around the planet.

So, if there has to be a World Reserve Currency, it has to be the......




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