I Am Looking Forward, Without Resolution!

Posted on: 31/12/2016

I don't do New Year Resolutions. Actually, I don't really do celebrating the New Year. I try to treat every day as a joy. I don't need to leave 364 behind to welcome a new batch.

However, I do like looking forward, so here's what I am looking forward to doing in 2017.

Firstly, I will be increasing my efforts to ensure that using cash remains an option for all of us, everywhere. This work has become even more vital given the recent actions of various governments to limit the use of cash. The citizens of India and Venezuela have been notable victims of such actions. The Indian government has coined (forgive the pun) the word "demonitization" to describe their policy. I prefer to call it what it is ; "dedemocratization".

Governments which govern for themselves and their elite supporters, deserve only one thing; a long period in opposition.

Secondly, I will be promoting my campaign to " do one kind thing for a stranger every day". The thinking here is that there is simply a lack of kindness in the world and particularly not enough away from our close family and friends.

I try to do something each day to help a stranger. If only 10% of us in the UK did the same, that would be 6 Million extra small acts of kindness each day. How much happier would that make our country? LETS FIND OUT BY DOING IT!

Thirdly, I hope to see the impact of some of the mistakes made in 2016 minimized. I have my own list of what I consider to be those mistakes. I will do what I can to correct them.

Finally, I look forward to smiling every morning when I wake up, in the certain knowledge that every day deserves to be welcomed in that way. 

That's it. A very short list but it will keep me busy for the whole year!

Happy 2017!

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