Horsing Around Again!

Posted on: 10/06/2011

I took a rest from my tipping last week- the shock of my first fancy trailing in last was enough for me to hit Mothers (or Grandmothers!) Ruin in a big way.
I had to allow my alcohol levels to return to normal before sharpening my pencil again for use on betting slips!
This weekend is really the lull before the storm (or, if you prefer, the caps before the hats!) since Royal Ascot has centre stage for all of next week.
I shall be wearing my finery for Ascot duty most days next week, so a few more tips will be hitting C-i-C, but for now let's turn to one of my other favourite courses - and places - Chester.
Tomorrow’s first race has inspired my interest. In it there are only 8 horses (ideal for each way bets) - and, better still, only one of those nags is a course specialist.
Best of all, my tip is almost named after me. Yes, put your entire life savings - or a fiver, if you are a sensible type - Each Way on GRANNY MCPHEE!!
Don't blame me if the old girl loses - but she shouldn't be out of the first three, so you should at least get your money back by going EW!
I am off now to start trying on my hats!
Have a happy - and winning - weekend!






*Note from the Editor: As fans of Grumpy Granny's weekly musings will already know, ol' Granny Jane can often be a little unpredictable! Please do bet responsibly and remember that neither Grumpy Granny, nor Cash-is-Cool can take responsibility for any money that is won or lost.

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