Happy Holidays?

Posted on: 27/04/2011

Grumpy Granny talks Bank Holidays, Beaches, and Brighton...

Valueing as I do my little job, I find it a bit annoying that many people welcome the Bank Holiday season because "I can escape from work!".

I am prepared to allow a little slack here (as much as my tummy perhaps) for those who genuinely have horrible jobs but, despite endless trying, cannot find anything better.

HOWEVER, 90% plus of us can change our jobs if we really want to-or try to. So, let's stop the whining, folks. BE HAPPY AT WORK AND PLAY.

Anyway, on a more positive note, the weather has been unusually kind to us in this holiday period (you can tell that by the number of water shortage rumours circulating), so sun, sea and sand can be our joyous lot, if we can stand finding the latter in our underwear for the next 6 months!

Actually, my fav beach gives no trouble where sand issues are concerned; Brighton is my "Top for tans, pure gravel beaches, AND endless and affordable fun!

Less than an hour from the Big Smoke, Brighton is to my mind peerless (if you see what I mean) amongst our beach resorts. Great restauarants and pubs, super boutique shops, and miles of beaches. In short, fun for all - and at prices most of us can still afford.
Hurrah! Bring on the Belle!

Of course, the Royal Wedding will drag some of us off the beaches. What can I say? They seem a very nice couple and I wish them well. Let's all pray that the media give them a little room to breath and do "normal" things-like travelling down to Brighton for some ER R & R!

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