Gun Deaths - The Toll Will Go On Rising.

Posted on: 11/07/2016

There are an insane number of guns in the United States - more than there are people.

In 2014, 44 human beings died as a result of criminal activity involving guns in the UK. More have been killed in the United States in one recent evening - and there were over 6000 gun-related deaths in 2014.

Lets not concern ourselves with arcane discussions on the " right to bear arms" in the United States. This is enshrined in a document produced over 200 years ago, at a time when the whole Continent had regularly been engulfed in war.

In London, meantime, Hackney Cabs have a legal obligation to carry hay to feed the horses. For obvious reasons, this is not now enforced in the UK. No such obvious reasons apparently appeal to Americans when it comes to "bearing arms".

Why are there so many murderers in the United States, you might ask? The answer is that, proportionately, there are NOT many. However, in a country of about  320 Million, it only requires 0.1% to be potential homicidal maniacs to leave the country with 320,000 such deranged individuals to deal with. Not an encouraging thought, either for law enforcement officers or the law-abiding public.

Looking at it another way, do YOU know anyone over 18 that you wouldn't trust with a gun?


Humans are very competitive, not inclined to accept defeat calmly. When guns are available to change outcomes, why wouldn't they be used? 

Maybe 0.1% is too low a percentage? Whatever. 320,000 is frightening enough to contemplate.

The solution? There does not seem to be one. Asking the public to give up all of those weapons is impractical, even if the politicians ( and the gun lobby) were prepared to contemplate putting the question. Equally, trying to impose a "prohibition" on guns would be likely to spark off widespread disobedience and a " Grey Market" in fire arms.

So the killings will go on - and, since each one provides a gruesome example of what is possible to those likely to copy, the death tolls at individual incidents are almost certain to increase. Murderers often seek to be record breakers.

Gloomy? That, unfortunately, is life.


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