Free Press?

Posted on: 03/10/2013

The idea that the Press should be free to print anything they like about politicians-or their fathers- is clearly nonsense. The dads of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband ALL deserve better.

Yet that is exactly what UK Government Minister Michael Gove said yesterday evening on Newsnight.

In doing so, Mr Gove was supporting the defaming of Ralph Miliband, recognised by many, including former Government Ministers, as a highly gifted, ethical and inspirational teacher.

So here is my clear guidance to Mr Gove.

If you are really idiotic enough to believe what you said, you are clearly ill-fitted intellectually to carry out your important duties in education. How could you be trusted with the future of our countries children? RESIGN.

If you said what you said because your wife works for the Daily Mail, you are clearly simply a messenger boy for Paul Dacre, the Mails appalling editor.RESIGN.

If you think everything is fair in politics, I suggest you relocate to Italy.The UK deserves better-much better.RESIGN.

Goodbye. I trust you enjoy the backbenches.



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