For Girls, Confidence Still Big Issue

Posted on: 06/12/2013

In many ways, life is better for women in the UK than it has ever been before.

Sex descrimation has eased considerably, though there remains work to be done.For example, there are still many women who receive less in wages than their male colleagues. Also,we still need to see a far greater presence for women in the House of Commons.The corridors of political power remain an area of male domination.

Despite the work still to be done, the glass ceiling which restricted the development of talented and able women has largely been smashed.Most Boardrooms now have many female participants,including at CEO level.

And yet....every time I pick up a magazine,I seem to read a story that underlines how fragile many women still are.

The latest example is a feature in the current edition of Marie Claire on female bodybuilders.The writer highlights that many of the women built up muscle to conceal their feelings of inadequacy.

Life is not easy. It is hard for both men and women to sustain feelings of self-esteem.Part of the problem is that,for many,failures are magnified in their own minds to the extent that they feel permanenly inadequate.

We all need to learn that trying your best is in itself a major achievement.Anyone who does that can hold their heads high and be proud of themselves.

Few can win the big prizes in life.Recognising that, whilst still giving of your best, can generate the confidence needed to face up to new challenges with a smile on your face and hope in your heart.


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