Everyone Together Now - Reform Europe!

Posted on: 27/05/2014

It seems that all over the EC, in almost every one of the 28 Member States, there are large sections of the population who seemingly believe their little bit of rock would be better off if it was chiseled away from the European Mountain.

Listening to some of the disenchanted speaking is illuminating. Many seem to "blame" Germany for their misfortunes, as if Germans are doing well at the expense of their fellow Europeans.

Nothing, of course, is further from the truth.

Germany is successful because most Germans have appreciated the real challenges their country faces and have risen to those challenges.Innovation, high production values, increased productivity and wage restraint have all played a part in ensuring that goods manufactured in Germany can compete effectively on the world stage.

Whatever the reason,Germans have a better work ethic than most other Europeans. They know that it is not Government subsidies and social benefits that will beat off the challenge from China. They appreciate that only hard work and high standards can do so.

So instead of blaming the Germans and concluding that retreating behind national borders is a route to success, we should learn from them.

Germans remain pretty solidly behind the EC, despite the fact they are funding more than their fair share of  the cost of the " Community". Germans don't blame Brussels. They work hard to try to make it work, for the good of all.

If reforms of the EC are needed, these can be achieved by all members working together and, more important still, finally learning from the example set by Germany.

Fear of Germany as a military power has long since gone. Fear of them as an economic powerhouse should now also disappear. Germany can  provide "Best Practices" for  the whole EC, if the other members are willing to learn.

Then again, you can lead a horse to the well but not force it to drink...

For me, though, the message to Germany is clear!

Noch ein Bier, bitte, Frau Merkel!


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