Europe Needs Stronger Leadership - And Stronger Borders.

Posted on: 06/09/2015

The sad picture of a 3 year old boy, dead and alone on a beach, provoked a predictable outcry from politicians seeking advantage from publicity that has tugged the heartstrings of their voters. 

The general reaction has been " we really MUST let more migrants into Europe from places such as Syria".

Craven popularism is never a basis for sound policy.

Here is the reality. Europe cannot accommodate significant additional numbers of migrants. The economic and cultural costs are simply far too high.

The long-term solution to all such issues must be found within the countries from which the migrants are seeking to depart. It must be made possible for them to remain in the lands of their birth, free from the threat of political or religious persecution and with opportunities to raise themselves from the mire of poverty. 

The Free World must be resolute in working to remove from office and power those regimes which make it impossible for all those they govern to live together peacefully and with equal opportunities for economic progression. Intervention of all kinds may be called for, with military action of course the last resort, but always remaining an option.

In the meantime, the borders of Europe must be made stronger. Sometimes it will be possible and desirable to construct physical barriers. However, often it will be strong resolution which is required, rather than higher walls.

As an example, ALL those arriving on Kos and other islands MUST immediately be shipped back from whence they came. A flotilla of boats must be constantly on standby, ready to make the return journeys. 

There must be NO exceptions.ALL must be returned.

After a year or two of resolute repatriation, the number of migrants attempting to sail to Europe WILL decline and, eventually, it will slow to a drip. BUT only if the repatriation policy is adhered to strictly, without exception.

The counter-balance to the strict repatriation policy will be that those who are genuinely suffering political or religious persecution must be given genuine opportunities to apply for migration to Europe. These opportunities must be made available as close as possible to their countries of origin, not on Greek Islands or Hungarian Railway Stations.

There is no other workable solution to the migration issues Europe currently faces.

I await the emergence of European politicians who are prepared to be honest and face up up to the harsh realities of the position in which they find themselves.



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