Economic & Political Disaster of Cameron/Clegg Coalition.

Posted on: 04/09/2017

The full catalogue of disasters visited on the UK by the Cameron/Clegg Coalition is now crystal clear.

This awful partnership lead immediately to the imposition of a destructive, unnecessary and ultimately pointless austerity program. It also immediately saw the Liberal Democrats credibility permanently destroyed by their backtracking on manifesto pledges in relation to University tuition fees.

A terrible start to a ill-starred pairing that only came into being because Clegg could not "get on" with Gordon Brown. A childrens party level of decision making.

The beginning was terrible - but it got much worse.

A disaster of a Scottish Independence Referendum; an even bigger calamity of a Brexit Referendum; and the Labour Party driven to the Far Left because of the extreme policies of the coalition and the short-lived Cameron Government.

It is still in the balance as to whether the UK can ever recover from sins of Cameron and Clegg. 

One thing is certain. Neither of them will ever be forgiven for the economic, social and political disasters in to which they lead this country, in search of their undeserved 15 minutes of personal fame.

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