Earning Your Crust, Betraying Our Trust.

Posted on: 24/03/2011

This week, grumpy granny holds forth about the national job shortage, and encourages us to look past the tales from the finger pointing tabliods, to see what is actually going on...

Most of us only make the cash we need to live through finding a job and keeping it.

Even at my age this is increasingly true. Last year saw a record number of people in the UK over 65- more than 900,000 of us -working for a living, rather than relying on our pensions.

Of course, it can be hard to find a job these days. That, unfortunately, has some distasteful side-effects.

As usual, the Daily Mail is the leading reference document for such "ailments".

I never buy the newspaper myself, but sometimes it is more or less forced into my presence e.g. as fish & chip wrapping.

So there I was the other day, about to enjoy a nice piece of cod from my favourite "chippy", when I noticed that the outer wrapping paper consisted of an article from the Mail which proclaimed: " 8 in 10 New Jobs Have Gone To Foreign Workers".

Now we all know that the Daily Mail really doesn't have much time for foreigners, whether from our fellow European Community countries or from further afield. Still, I was interested to see what these dreadful people from "elsewhere" had been getting up to in the job market, so I read on.

Reading on wasn't that pleasant.

Basically, these foreign types had "pinched" more than 80% of the around 200,000 net new jobs created in the UK in last year. They can therefore, of course, be blamed for the rising general and youth unemployment.

That's it, folks. Lets blame it on those we fear, those from different lands who invade our shores and steal what is ours.

BUT wait a minute, read on. Let's not dwell on the fact that those who came to the UK looking for work almost certainly only got it because they had more skills that the local competition. Nor need we give a seconds thought that they might be prepared to take unglamorous jobs and/or work harder at them.

No, we can ignore any of those issues, because towards the end of the Daily Mail article, the attentive reader can extract the truth, though it is carefully and deliberately concealed.

In 2010, the private sector created 428, 000 new jobs in the UK. The reason that the net number of jobs increased by only 210,000 was because the Government, in all its guises, cut 218,000 jobs.

Yes, 218,000 people were consigned to the scrap-heap by our elected representatives.

So let's not blame those who come to the UK for our troubles.

As we look at retail prices rising by 4% and search our wallets and purses increasingly desperately for the cash we need to pay for the necessities of modern life, we can place the blame for rising unemployment fairly and squarely at the door of the current encumbents of 10 Downing Street; Dave " Demolish Our Economy" Cameron and Nick "Our Money" Clegg.

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