Dress (non) Sense

Posted on: 05/08/2011

It was a lovely Royal Wedding recently and I think the new Duchess Kate seems like a nice girl BUT already I see warning signs that too much is being asked of this still young woman.
Bad enough that she had to embark on a tour of North American that would have made Christopher Columbus wince.
Worse still that our new Royal had to meet with Hollywood Stars who were painted by the media as being in awe of her. In awe? Battle hardened veterans of the awful "Dream Factory" in awe of Kate? Does that seem likely to you?
But probably worse of all, our new First Lady (in waiting), is now being described as a fashion Icon by "gurus" who should know better.
Now here's the thing. Kate is a very thin lady. She carries less body fat than the average Scampi and certainly much less than 99% of the UKs females, far-from little old me included.
The very last thing 99% of British women need is another skinny icon-and, equally, it isn't good for Kate either.
Now that the media has fixed on Williams better half as being permanently willowy, every change in her body shape will be monitored and reported upon as if the future of our Planet depends on it. So the pressure is now on her to stay exactly the way she is now, which, as we girls all know, simply is not possible.
As for the rest of us, those who have not learnt to avoid role models in terms of our shapes, will now be almost taunted by every photograph of our Pencil Princess.
Ladies, let's not do it! Let's leave Kate to look as she does-if she is happy, that is great-and the rest of us can cease self-deprecation and recognise the reality - WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT AND THAT IS IN FACT THE BIGGEST ASSET EACH OF US HAS.

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