Don't Allow Yourself To Be Badly Treated By Saucy Hollande.

Posted on: 19/01/2014

President Hollande of France does not exactly look like a "Ladies Man". Somehow seeing him astride his Scooter doesn't stir the senses in the same way as the likes of Steve McQueen powering up his Harley.

Of course, looks are not everything.He may have the charm of Maurice Chevalier or the romantic singing voice of Charles Aznavour.

Then again, he may just be a "powerful" man. Power in itself can be attractive, even if the battery cover is unappealing.

Either way,there is no doubt that the President thanks heaven for not-so-little girls.Whether the girls reciprocate is another matter. Little Holly can evidently be a bit of a prick.

The French public are notoriously tolerant of the ways of their male politicians.So whilst there seems to be a little unease that Hollande has been a pain in the Netherlands to every woman he has courted, there is no chance of the Bastille being stormed.

Whilst I do think the President needs a good kick in his derriere, I have to say that I have little sympathy for the two women at the eye of this small storm.These two Madams are each very successful in their own right. They could no doubt pick and chose their male companions as easily as buying Le Coq at a Paris market.Yet they end up fighting over the Monsieur who could get a part-time job delivering for Domino Pizza.

Chose better, Ladies.Don't let yourselves be treated badly by the Elf of the Elysee-and, if you are going to have a Dangerous Liaison, do it with Steve McQueen, not Elmer Fudd.

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