Divorce - Don't Split Your Money With Lawyers!

Posted on: 27/05/2014

Now that Legal aid for divorce has disappeared, there are some interesting scenes being acted out in UK Courts.

Instead of assessing the merits of fine words crafted by members of the legal profession, Judges are now more likely to have to implement the rules of the Marquess of Queensberry. Yes, boxing matches between estranged spouses are quite common!

Where couples decide not to represent themselves -or resort to fist fights - legal costs can be very damaging. Many seek revenge on their errant partners but succeed only in ruining their own financial future.

Revenge is a dish best eaten cold - and without lawyers being present. Actually, it is best not eaten at all, since fault is almost never on one side. 

Assigning part of the blame to the man - or woman- in the mirror is a good start to taking a more reasonable approach. One that leaves both self-respect and bank balances intact.

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