Dealing with World Poverty - the System is Against It.

Posted on: 23/09/2018

The idea that the worlds economic system as currently operating will defeat poverty is fundamentally flawed

Inequality is something humans naturally seek as we aim for personal advantage. 

The existence of Billionaires is an oft-quoted example of where individuals have taken the pursuit of personal advantage to extreme lengths but, in fact, Mr & Mrs Western Average, striving to do the best for their family, exhibit precisely the same trait, albeit with less obvious success.

The simple truth is that for some to do better, others have to do worse. 

Some argue that “progress” and “innovation” can help everyone but, in practice, though there is a significant amount of window-dressing going on, the shop ( brick or internet) is only open to service the few, not the many and certainly not all.

What we call wealth creation is, in reality, only the process of increasing perceived value. The price of gold or a Van Gogh or a building is no more independently valid than that of Bitcoin. 

As we all should readily appreciate by now, the value of anything is simply what someone is prepared to pay for it.

WE keep this situation,”the system”, going because it suits US. WE are doing rather well compared to THEM, the worlds impoverished.

Those of us that live in vaguely democratic nations tolerate totalitarian governments elsewhere because that style of regime is the most likely to keep THEM under control. 

There may be no viable alternative “system” but, at a minimum, let’s stop pretending the one we have will significantly help anyone but US.

By the way, Donald Trump well understands all of this, which is why he puts US 1st - and, actually, 2nd, 3rd and last. He doesn't’t even bother trying to portray his policies as anything other than completely focused on making the already well-off even richer. 

THEM are to be kept behind walls and/or trade barriers, which are exactly the same thing.


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