Customer Service - Are You Asking For It?

Posted on: 05/10/2016

Customer service in the UK is generally appalling.

Cost cutting has left most so-called service organizations with fewer staff, who are often lacking in training or motivation - or both.

I can give you countless examples.

British Airways staff who act as if customers are an irritation, to be fed duff information and poor food, in equal measure.

Railway staff who are so accepting of the deficiencies in service standards that they believe that is all customers deserve.

Prezzo staff, who, when you complain about the abysmal quality of the salad slammed down on the table, treat you with contempt, especially when you are using the discount voucher their company e-mailed to the world, inviting the planet to share in the shaming mediocrity. 

And so on and so on.

Is it the case that poorly paid and/or badly managed staff are simply gaining some form of revenge by inflicting pain on customers?

Or is it that, in this country, giving service is considered to be demeaning to the person responsible for its delivery?

Either way, it is completely unacceptable.

Time we customers started asking for - and getting - much better.

From now on, I am going to complain every time I feel poorly served - and not just to the sullen faced/voiced person at that moment neglecting to serve me. I will demand to have contact with their manager .. and their manager ...and, ultimately, the MD.

And I will not take "no" for an answer.

Finally, if I am not satisfied they will do better in future, I will take my business away - permanently - whatever the inconvenience

Try it yourself. Make the effort, for all our sakes. Don't accept the "systems" useless companies have developed to protect senior management from contact with genuinely dissatisfied customers. Force them to listen - and act.

Personally, I always strive to deliver brilliant customer service. Sometimes I fail to do so, but I NEVER fail to apologize or to do better, next time. 

The reward? Satisfied customers and a happy, fulfilled life, whatever walk of it you have chosen for yourself.

Go on. ASK FOR IT. You really ARE worth it!



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