Crown Persecution Service?

Posted on: 24/02/2014

I am the first one to stand up for women - but sometimes we really do not merit the term " fair sex ".

A case in point is the decision making of Alison Saunders , the Director of Public Prosecutions.

I am told Alison is a keen dancer and it may well be the case.No matter how light she is on her feet,however,she has certainly been heavy-handed in her dealings with the celebrity sex accusations.

Case after case has been thrown out by juries - often juries with a majority of women - but still Alison persists with this pursuit of the famous.It is as if she believes that any male who has ever enjoyed fame must pay the price for the Crown Prosecution Service never having been able to Fix Jim?

Enough now.The persecution of celebrities should be left to the Tabloids. I would prefer Ms Saunders spent public money on improving her Foxtrot,rather than having a Last Tango in court with Dave Lee Travis.

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