China is getting expensive!

Posted on: 11/11/2011

One of the most heartening pieces of news I have read for some time was in Scotland On Sunday on November 6.

The article was about a company called Charles Letts. They are based in Dalkeith near Edinburgh and have been producing diaries and similar items since 1795.

Letts have always manufactured products in Scotland but, in common with many other organisations, in recent years they had out-sourced some production to China to take advantage of lower prices.

The good news is that Letts are now moving all production back to Scotland. Chinese prices are rising fast and that, coupled with the fact that some Chinese manufacturers no longer seem very interested in foreign markets, has lead Letts to conclude that bringing all their work back to Scotland is best way to plan for a successful future.

I salute Charles Letts for the decision. It is a huge boost for Scotland and for the UK in general that our country can once again compete - and win - against the Far Eastern "Tigers".

Let's hope that other UK companies follow Letts' lead. For example, it would be good to see Dyson repatriate at least some of their production.

My slogan for this week - in fact, every week?

East is East BUT West is Best! 

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