Charitable Giving At ATMs Report Card: Industry Must Try Harder

Posted on: 15/09/2012

The response of the UK ATM industry to the Government request to allow charitable donations at ATMs has been lukewarm.

So far, only Bank Machine and Royal Bank of Scotland have enabled their ATMs to allow donations using the LINK network - only 20% of the UK’s ATMs.


Worst still, few issuers have enabled their cards to allow donations at LINK ATMs.  As an example, I am a Lloyds Bank customer but, when I tried to make a donation at an ATM, found my Lloyds debit card did not allow such a transaction.

The procrastination of some ATM operators and card issuers is depriving charities of the opportunity to raise much-needed funds for their good causes. This needs to change - and very quickly - or, once again, the UK financial services sector will be seen to have let the UK Public down.

We Brits are renowned for our generosity towards charitable causes - it is time for the UK ATM industry to allow us to donate more easily.

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