Cash-loving Londoners find new and exciting events

Posted on: 29/09/2011

Global credit card company MasterCard this week announced the launch of a new campaign, aimed at providing its credit card holders exclusive access to luxury events throughout the capital.

The "Priceless" campaign will take place in numerous cities across the globe including New York, Sydney and our very own London, as MasterCard attempt to engage with its customers, building relationships on "an emotional level".

With the Priceless experiences targeted only at a select group of credit card holders, we at Cash-is-Cool wanted to take the opportunity to open your eyes to the incredible sights and sounds of London that can be accessed by anyone and everyone - all you need is a sense of adventure and a little bit of cash.

As we all prepare to tighten our belts this winter, all across London new and exciting events are being opened, aimed at those who want to share in a fun-filled experience of the city, without having to spend a small fortune in order to do so!

The National Portrait Gallery, for example, offers free entry for its regular exhibitions and ask only that you make a small donation towards keeping the gallery in top order. All you need to enjoy hours of incredible art and photography is a few coins, a spare note or anything that you might be able to give towards the running of this incredible institution.

If you have a spare £6, the gallery is currently hosting Glamour of the Gods: Hollywood Portraits, a stunning exhibition of photos taken during the "golden age" of film featuring portraits of iconic artists such as Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. Tickets can be bought on the door or booked online (

For those of you hoping to spend an afternoon wondering round the cobbled streets of our fine capital, head to Covent Garden where you can freely experience the frivolity and skill of some of the world's finest street performers. From acrobats to magicians, there is sure to be something for everyone just a mere stone's throw from the tube station.

Finally, for those of you with more of an appetite for something tasty, make your way to Borough Market and let your nose lead the way through the bustling stalls and shops, allowing yourself time to stop off for as many free tasters as possible on the way! Ensure that you have a few pennies to spare, however as it's highly likely that you will be unable to resist picking up at least one or two irresistible goodies as you make your way from one gourmet delight to the next. From beautiful blooms to enormous curries, this market will give you the most amazing taste of what London has to offer those on a tighter cash budget!

So, while MasterCard is inviting its customers to pricey evenings of credit card-driven glitz and extravagance, we at Cash-is-Cool invite you to experience some of the more cash-friendly, good old fashioned fun that London has to offer. Leave your cards at home and stroll out of the door with nothing but some spare cash and some sturdy shoes! Have a wander round the city and see what you can find!

Let us know if you come across anything truly spectacular and cash-friendly and we'll be sure to let everyone know! 

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