Cash is my friend, young man!

Posted on: 28/02/2011

Grumpy Granny puts the world to rights this week and hits back at Visa’s talk of cash being the enemy.

My mother (bless her and her funny old ways) always used to tell me to ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’. Now, of course, Mummy was alive long before credit cards arrived on the scene. She was never seduced by the advertising of the card issuers; actually, I wonder if she was ever seduced by anything or anyone (I will never know because Dad isn't around to ask anymore!). Anyway, eventually Mummy did have her little cash card to use at ATMs. She was very happy with that. It was the only card she ever owned. Cash was her King - and Dad her Prince Charming!

I tell you all this because just last week some bright young man from Visa (I think his title is President-Propaganda) told the World - or at least the small bit of it that was prepared to lend him an ear - that ‘cash is the enemy’. When I read that quote, in all honesty, I feared for the youngster’s sanity. Had he fallen on his head, I wondered? Had his coffee been spiked in his PR conference?

I am still waiting for reports on his medical condition but, just in case he was relatively sound of mind, let me make my view clear. The most significant ‘enemy’ in this world is POVERTY. Over 60% of the world’s population are poor – they don't have enough cash, Mr Visa’s supposed enemy to all. These unfortunates do not sit around lamenting their lack of a Visa card. They haven't got time; they are too busy working out where their families’ next meal is coming from.

Talk of cash being an enemy mystifies the poor. Cash is their best friend who they don't see often enough. I do hope that nice young man from Visa recovers soon. Perhaps he needs a relaxing holiday, touring all the places on our impoverished planet where real people are dealing with their only real problem; they never have enough cash.

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