Posted on: 04/10/2011

Cash-is-Cool has recently conducted a piece of research examining how carrying cash can categorically help us keep to a budget and avoid overspending, whilst credit cards are our weapon of choice for budget-busting splurges.

The research was supported by independent insight from expert financial psychologist Kim Stephenson who explains how the findings clearly demonstrate that cash trumps cards in helping us live within our means.

Kim appeared on a number of regional radio stations, bringing our campaign for cash to cash-lovers up and down the UK, including:

o Gravity FM (Grantham)
o Bolton FM (Bolton)
o Central 103.2 Preston FM (Preston)
o Forest FM (Verwood and East Dorset)
o High Peak Radio (High Peak, Derbyshire)
o Signal 2 (Staffordshire & Cheshire)
o Ridings FM (Wakefield & Leeds)
o Sunshine Radio 855 (Ludlow, North Herefordshire & Worcester)
o 10 Radio (Somerset)
o Unity 101 Community Radio (Southampton)
o Sunflower FM (Leicestershire)
o Hayes FM (Hayesm Harlington, Heathrow Airport, Siposon, Harmondsworth, West Drayton, Yiews)

Have a listen to Kim's radio interview, and share your thoughts on cash budgeting by leaving us a comment!

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