Cash In Because It Is A Mad World

Posted on: 29/08/2012

This site is about the freedom to use cash

Make no mistake, freedom and cash are very closely interwoven.

Put simply, without cash you are free to do almost nothing, except of course to be poor.

Those who are pushing for a cashless "society" wish to destroy our freedom - and, ultimately, our society.

The most obvious culprits are the international card schemes. These schemes are of course massive US-quoted public companies in their own right. However, their market capitalisation does not begin to reveal the full extent of their global power.

Both schemes have a network of relationships with banks in virtually every country around our planet. Such relationships in many cases give them more power than elected governments.

Are you worried? YOU SHOULD BE.

As if card schemes didn't present enough of a challenge to individual public freedom, there are further challenges everywhere one looks:

* in China, those who disagree with the Government often find themselves whisked away or, at best, held under house arrest. The State has powers that no court appears to have the authority to challenge.

* in Pakistan, the liberal (by that nation’s standards) Governor of the Punjab was recently executed by one of his security guards for "religious" reasons. His "guard" is now a national hero and no political or military figure in the country had the courage to attend the Governor’s funeral.

* in Syria, both sides are executing opponents in pursuit of having the power... the power, presumably, to execute, freely.

* in Afghanistan, 8 people are beheaded for attending a music festival. This in a country where, despite the sacrifices made by allied troops in the last decade, the main farm crop continues to be opium.

* in the UK, a Swedish national takes refuge in the Ecuador Embassy. He is willing to return home to face trial on alleged sex offences but only if the Swedish Government guarantees he will not be extradited to the US. His own Government will not agree to this seemingly reasonable condition.

* Apple and Samsung are taking each other to court in almost every country that allows patents. Such is the even-handed nature of international justice that Apple win in California, Samsung win in the UK and, in Korea, it is called a draw.

All of the above examples have been in the UK media in the last week or so.

The sad conclusion that must be drawn is that neither "elected" Governments nor Courts of "Justice" can be relied upon to deliver freedom.

Cash delivers freedom simply because it is largely beyond the control of national Governments and the Courts. Yes, cash is sometimes used in unhelpful ways but, for the most part, it delivers what little real freedom/power that any individual can ever hope to have.

Someone once wrote that freedom is something " no good man will consent to lose but with his life".

This site feels the same way about cash - and we will never give up the fight.

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