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The Cash-is-Cool Olympics Campaign
The Cash-is-Cool Olympics Campaign
Campaigns » The Cash-is-Cool Olympics Campaign

Don't small businesses deserve their slice of the Olympic profit pie?

With the London 2012 Olympics just months away, big-name businesses across the globe have already carved out their share in the exclusive and lucrative sponsorship deals attached to the world-famous sporting event. Visa continue to monopolise payments – from ticket sales to Olympic park purchases – pushing out cash wherever they can (at the expense of consumers) to preserve their profits and maximise their share of the Olympic profits.

Experts are now warning that the 2012 Games will see a huge rise in the number of “ambush” advertising campaigns, as stealth marketers attempt to use the hype surrounding the Olympics in order to raise awareness of their products and brands – without forking out for official sponsorship deals. Sky-writing aeroplanes, t-shirt guns and branded costume-wearing spectators are just some of the tactics expected to be used by smaller brands legitimately hoping for a share of Olympic glory that doesn't cost hundreds of millions of pounds.

Strict legislation is being put in place to protect Olympic organisers LOCOG against rogue advertising campaigns, and small businesses throughout the Capital are being warned to check any new marketing schemes closely as anyone found to be in violation of the new laws could be fined up to £20,000 – whether or not the slip-up was intentional or accidental.

It seems to me that the entire spirit of the Games has been lost in the desperate struggle for marketing glory. Little – if anything – has been said about ensuring that small, independent businesses in the UK (those most in need of a financial boost!) receive a fair share of the available Olympic profit and with LOCOG desperate to keep their big-name brand sponsors happy they appear willing to take any measures necessary to prevent “outside” companies from boosting their business.

Rather a greedy concept when you consider the earlier promises of Parliament that the Olympics would provide a welcome increase in profits for all business owners in London and indeed throughout the UK.

We at Cash-is-Cool think it’s high time to take things into our own hands – use the summer to celebrate local business and industry, not the already-booming profits of faceless international corporations. Reject Visa’s plan for a “cashless, contactless Olympics” and spend your cash where it’s really needed, outside of the undoubtedly overpriced Olympic Park, in stores that really need the profit.

Friday, 9th March 2012

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