Burgers Not At The Races

Posted on: 18/01/2013

I have always had vegetarian tendencies - but living without the occasional bacon sandwich would definitely drive me nuts.

However, the latest revelations from Fiasco (Every Fiddle Helps) that their beef burgers might have finished unplaced at Ascot recently has revived my interest in salad days.
It used to be easy to whip up an interest in plant life but recently sales of organic vegetables have stalled.

I have to say that three courses of crops-only might be good for the digestive track but, in the mane, I find such menus handicapped by lack of variety. They usually leave me needing Epsom Salts to restore my form.

Anyway, the media is having a field day over the burger bungle. No doubt retailers who haven't been saddled with this criticism will be spreading tails to increase the pressure on their unfortunate competitors.

There are not going to be any winners in this story. Whatever places level-headed shoppers avoid for a time, the race by retailers to distance themselves will ensure that they ride out the storm.

Of course, eating horse meat is offensive to many but we should not jump to conclusions.
Retailers take enough stick. If you or I were criticised, the shoe might be on the other hoof in terms of how we would feel about it.

There should be a full enquiry in an acceptable form and all questions must be fielded by the retailers.The results of that enquiry should stand. The enquiry could be inconclusive but let's cross that hurdle when we come to it.

I await the full result before making my final judgement on this meaty matter.


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