Budget Spending - Do NOT Mention The National Debt

Posted on: 26/10/2021

In 2010, we were told that austerity was needed because the UK National Debt was out of control.

In 2010, the National Debt was £1.2 Trillion.

Tomorrow, the Chancellor is seemingly going to announce a "spend, spend, spend" budget.

Today, the National Debt is over £2.3 Trillion.

The difference?

No one now believes the National Debt can be brought under control any time soon - or, indeed, ever.

So why not spend to ensure there is no negative feeling about how the economy has faired since the UK left the EU?

After all, in a few years time, when a new Administration has to try to deal - no doubt unsuccessfully - with a £3 Trillion National Debt, the Pandemic can be blamed for everything.

Since 20 years after that, despite a conference in Glasgow, the North Pole Ice will all be gone, no one will care about the UK National Debt anyway.

Why should anybody genuinely plan for the future when they don't believe there will be one?

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