British Airways Ban Use of Cash on Flights

Posted on: 02/07/2017

British Airways have just banned the use of cash for even the purchase of a cup of tea on their flights.

This is an absolute disgrace. The vast majority of people flying with British Airways are regular users of cash. Unsurprisingly, most of the worlds population fall into this category, since 85% of all our planets payments are made with cash.

Lets make no bones about it. The Directors of British Airways who sanctioned this ludicrous decision have shown a total disregard for the interests of their passengers. In one fell swoop, they have dramatically curtailed Payment Choice.

Bear in mind, this will not reduce the number of coins or notes on any aircraft; passengers will still carry money. It simply will not be accepted for purchases.

The irony is, of course, that British Airways will continue to ask passengers to donate coins to charity, collected in the envelops the airline so graciously provides for the purpose. No passenger ever pops one of their payment cards in one of those envelops, so presumably even British Airways recognize that cash still has its uses.

A thought: has the airline banned the use of cash on board their aircraft so that passengers have MORE coins left to donate to charity?

You doubt it? SO DO WE.

Cash-is-Cool will be writing to the Board of British Airways DEMANDING that this decision is reversed. We shall also be contacting the UK Government and relevant Regulators, asking that they intervene.

Until this decision is reversed, no member of our team will fly British Airways.



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