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Ron Delnevos Blog
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The Economic and Societal Consequences of Brexit

Every time I catch the BBC News and hear pro Brexit speaker, it makes my blood boil.


All the talk of compromises is so much hot and foul air. Brexit would lead to a schism between the UK and the rest of Europe.

If it goes through -and believe me, it is still a very big IF - an economic and social disaster will be visited on the UK.

Economically, the country will wither. Businesses will reduce scale or leave completely - and so will productive current residents from overseas, who either cannot or will not continue to live and work in a country that is openly and disgracefully hostile to them.

Socially, the disaster will be much worse. Social services and the NHS will fall even further into disrepute than they are now. 40,000 nurses short in 2017. Double that number within 5 years?

The very structure of what today passes as a "society" will crumble and then collapse.

Brexit CANNOT be allowed to prevail. It MUST be reversed.

I -  and many others - will not rest until it is.

Wednesday, 6th September 2017

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