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The Night Out
The Night Out
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The Night Out

Nights out these days are few and far between. Firstly there’s the reality that working full time and looking after three children renders you more or less insensible after 8pm. You’d rather lounge on the sofa watching re-runs of Scrubs and eating the packed-lunch snacks than consider actually leaving the house. And then there’s the dreaded cost of a night out.

Time was that a night out cost a tenner plus a couple of quid thrown in for a shared taxi. You might even be lucky and manage a portion of chips with that. These days you’ve committed to £25 on babysitters before you even walk out of the door, then there’s the cost of the meal, or the cinema, or god forbid the theatre! Top the night off with a couple of drinks and you’ve spent a very easy £100 – Argh!

Last Friday I was child free and plotted up in front of the TV, iphone in one hand, and remote control in the other. I’d been invited out on a girl’s night and had really wanted to go until I hit that 8pm wall and spied my sheepskin slippers tempting me from the corner of the room. Suddenly the warmth of the sofa was just too much to pass up on and I settled in to watch some old rubbish and enjoy some banter on Twitter.

I hadn’t counted on lovely, pushy friends texting me and persuading me to leave the house. They succeeded and at 8.35 I was parked up at the ATM considering how much cash I’d need. My brain faltered as I thought about the price of drinks these days. Nearly £5 for a half decent glass of wine, the odd bag of crisps, what if they’re doing rounds?! My fingers hovered over the keypad, undecided. If I took out more than I needed I’d definitely spend it but not enough and I’d be financially embarrassed.

Finally I settled on a plan. I was going to go old school. I’d nurse a single glass of red for as long as possible, then switch to that old staple Lime & Soda. A portion of chips to sustain for the long walk home and creeping up the stairs to make sure not to wake up the rest of the household – just like old times…


Tuesday, 31st May 2011

Tags:   Parenting  /  entertainment  /  wine  /  cash
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