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Grumpy Granny's Blog
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Horse Sense?!

This week Grumpy Granny tells us all about her love of Royal Ascot and her penchant for a bit of a flutter...

Every year, I am lucky enough to go to Royal Ascot (like a Royal Wedding, but less sermonising!), so I know a thing or two about the Sport of Kings.

I love wearing my wonderful hat in the Royal Enclosure - and throwing it in the air when I back a winner!

Anyway, now I am not working full time, I have gone even further in my support of my love of horses and racing. Yes, that's right...I am now the proud owner of a race horse!
My new four-legged friend lives in Newmarket and is a colt - so he's probably the nearest thing I will get to a Toy Boy - and he is a very nice young "man".

Sadly, he will not be ready to run at Royal Ascot this year, but who knows? He may well be there with me in 2012.

Before then, I have another treat for you. Every week, from next Friday onwards, I will be giving visitors to Cash-is-Cool the benefit of my female intuition in the shape of my "Friday Flutter", to take or leave as they see fit. (I was going to call this new service "Something For The Weekend" but it is a long time since I got lucky in that department!)
No massive bets, please! A little flutter only!

Oh, I forgot! You will want to know the name of my horse… he is called "Cool As Cash"! None of us will forget that name - or sentiment - will we?!

My first tip will be next Friday - DON'T MISS IT!

Friday, 20th May 2011

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