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Ron Delnevos Blog
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Payments- A Truly Fresh Start Required.

I have been involved in the UK payments industry for 15 years or more. During that time, I have worked tirelessly to improve transparency and choice in the Public Interest.

I have to say that my work has not been easy. Resistance to change has been strong, with vested interests trying to preserve their own positions, at a price the public cannot afford.

In trying to bring about change, I have spoke up within every organization in which I have operated, including the LINK ATM Network and the UK Payments Council. My message has often not been well received, but I have never let that discourage or deter me.

I have also made direct representations to every arm of Government, including all of the industry Regulators. The Prime Minister, the Treasury, the Bank of England, the Monopolies & Mergers Commission and many other individuals and organizations have heard from me. Their response has often been slow and muted but, once again, I have not let that halt me. The only Full Stop I accept is death!

Having read the above, you will perhaps understand my delight when I learnt that a UK Payment Systems Regulator was to be created. In some small way, I may have contributed to its creation, since I continuously highlighted to the "Authorities" the inadequacies of current industry bodies, including their failure to encourage open competition and innovation.

However, and it is a sizeable " however", there are signs that the UK Payment Systems Regulator needs to adjust its course, if the sins of the past are not to be repeated. I have already had to raise vital issues of transparency with the Regulator. I am not clear as yet if those issues are simply carelessness or a deliberate attempt to suppress participation. Either way, it is not an acceptable position and I will not rest until the problems are addressed.

The battle goes on, as it must. In a true democracy, the Public Interest must always be the prime concern. It will remain mine, forever. 


Monday, 15th December 2014

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