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Motherhood No Miracle

Many women are desperate to have a child.Inevitably, some face the disappointment of failing to achieve motherhood.

Other women of course have no fertility issues.They give birth regularly, sometimes with a succession of partners.

A friend of mine teaches at an inner city school. Three mothers with children at the school have given birth to a total of 15 children, with the same "lucky" male partner.

I make no moral judgement on women having multiple sexual partners or sharing one partner with many. In a society such as ours, where women have genuine equality in almost every respect,it is the right of every female to decide such matters for herself.

I do,however, have an issue with women having so many children that they cannot provide the care those children need and deserve.Womens "rights" cannot extend to giving life to children with no thought given to how they are going to be brought up.

We desperately need all of us to take responsibility for our own fertility.Help is at hand from the NHS and charities. No child needs to be brought into this World unintentionally.

For a women to ignore the opportunity to control her fertility is not the exercise of a "right".It is simply a selfish act that dooms many children to unhappy lives and, in leaving such children without hope,has a negative impact on our society.

Monday, 28th October 2013

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