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Ron Delnevos Blog
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"Retire When You Die"!

I read an article this morning which highlighted that more and more people are starting their own businesses after retiring from their day jobs.


I have long been of the view that a deep desire to retire is more often than not a sign that the person involved is in the wrong job.If you hate what you are doing,don't retire: CHANGE YOUR CAREER!

A wider issue is that our country simply cannot afford to pay pensions to millions of fit and healthy people who qualify by age alone. Nor can companies afford the lavish final salary pension schemes that were the vogue for a quarter of a century.Those times are gone for good.

Saving is still valid, because, for example, ill-health can intervene to make working impossible.Also, there are certainly jobs that may be too physically demanding for an 80 year old-BUT NOT THAT MANY!

So going forward, we all need to forget about retiring being age-qualified. Time to get on , enjoying what we work at and knowing you only " Retire When You Die"!

Friday, 25th October 2013

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