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Sophies Choice In The Med.

Heartbreaking story again from the mediterranean this morning.

A mother and father arrive on a small Italian island ,clutching their baby daughter.They had just been rescued from the sea,their boat having capsized.The boat was overloaded with illegal immigrants.

The couple still had their daughter,wet but well.However,their son had been left dead at sea.His parents could only rescue one child and they had chosen their daughter.

In one,very strange way, this story gives some hope,in that the parents could have been expected to have chosen to save their son.We all know the lack of respect for female life in many parts of our prejudiced planet.

But no parents should have to make such a choice in the waters of the cruel sea.Hundreds of children and adults are drowning every year in a vain attempt to gain economic advantage in Europe.Not to mention thousands more mudered even before they embark on their dangerous voyages.

Their is only one answer,because the European Hotel is full:no room is available.

The Western powers need to permanently blockade the ports that are embarcation points for the tragic victims of a vile industry that promises them salvation and delivers only misery.

Sunday, 13th October 2013

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