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Does It Pay Mummy To Work?

Ever month, the number of people working in the UK goes up.

Wages, of course, don't.

I heard an MP on the radio last week saying that, whilst it is good news that many new jobs have been created, one of his constituents is having to do three of them to make a living.

It seems guest workers from other EC countries are happy to accept low paid jobs, probably because there is no work at all in the countries they have left.

All of this has left the us with over 2.5 Million people still unemployed in the UK.

Since the Government can't stop workers coming in from the EC, they are seemingly growing desperate in their attempts to get UK nationals back to work.

Bedroom taxes and the Universal Credit are two tools being used to make being out of work less attractive.

I can't help feeling though that what is required are carrots, not sticks. 

For mothers, what is needed is more help with child care and a higher minimum wage, possibly subsidised by the Government. 

Working is good for everyone-but it has to be made worthwhile in every respect, including financially.

Tuesday, 17th September 2013

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