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Student Blogger Recommends Guide To Financing

Thinking of Studying for a Postgraduate Degree? Make Sure you check out this Postgraduate Funding Guide First! 

Studying for a postgraduate degree can be really beneficial in some circles of life. Those extra letters after your name can lead to increased employability, higher average earnings and a greater sense of personal achievement. For example, the Sutton Report found that those with a master’s degree earn 15% more over their lifetime in comparison to a regular Bachelors degree holder. 

Unfortunately, studying for a postgraduate degree is really expensive! The average postgraduate degree in the UK/EU costs more than £6,000 per year, while studying for a one-year MBA will normally cost over £30,000. When you add this on top of living expenses, accommodation and other bills, studying for a degree can cost up to £20,000 per year – even more in London. 

Luckily, Adam Grunwerg from recently launched “The Ultimate Guide to Postgraduate Funding”. This eBook contains more than 30 pages of information designed for students who need help finding and understanding postgraduate funding. It includes information on research council funding, personal career development loans, bank loans, University bursaries, employer sponsorship, career path funding and more. 

Teachers studying on a PGCE course for example can learn about how they can receive up to £15,000 from Student Finance in the eBook. Plus those studying as social workers can receive a bursary of £863 as part of the Practice Learning Opportunity (PLO) scheme from the Department of Health. 

If you’re interested in more information about where and how to apply for postgraduate funding in 2013/14, we recommend giving this eBook a look.
Follow this link to download:

Monday, 1st July 2013

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