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Making Mums Miserable

I am lucky enough to be in a long term relationship. My partner has a well-paid full time job and I work part-time, when my children are at school.

For many, my position would be a "model" for how a modern family can be happily self-sufficent.

The problem is that reality does not always replicate ideal models. People who start out with all the right intentions can find themselves wrong-footed by the twists and turns of life.

Take the lady in Croydon who received national publicity as being one of the sufferers under the Government's new Household Benefit Cap.
The lady in question finds herself looking after 3 children with no partner around to offer support. She is trying hard to give her offspring a good start in life.  Any money she has goes towards rent on her modest house and on providing the necessities of life for her family.
Under the new Cap, the Croydon family will lose about £400 per month in benefits. There will no longer be enough coming in to cover rent and necessities for the children. Rent will therefore be likely to go unpaid. Eviction will surely follow.
Croydon already has well over a thousand families living in Bed & Breakfast accommodation. One more is about to be added to that number.
No money will be saved - B&Bs are often low quality but are not cheap. The mother and her three children are going to have their lives turned upside down to satisfy those within Government who have forgotten the virtues of mercy and kindness.
Let's hope they remember soon, before it is too late for those who have suffered enough misfortunes without have extra imposed on them by heartless Government policies.

Friday, 3rd May 2013

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