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Andy Brown from Lawson
Andy Brown from Lawson
Sean Lemon from ROOM 94
Sean Lemon from ROOM 94
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Standing In The Dark? Not me!


So we are now well into March, and what a month it has been so far! Firstly, let me tell you all about the AMAZING night I had on the 6th.

If any of you know of the UK pop/rock band Lawson, I automatically love you. For those of you who haven’t, get to know them ASAP. They are four beautiful and talented guys, who specialise in performing hearty and catchy break-up songs and are, in my eyes, the new Kings of Heartbreak! (move over Taylor Swift and Adele). 

Anyway, a friend of mine from home happened to know one of the band members who were supporting Lawson on their UK & Ireland Tour, who are called Room 94 (and are also amazing, by the way). Seeing as I was unable to get tickets, and because I am a student and have limited disposable income, my friend contacted the support band for me and made them aware of my love for them and Lawson.  They were super awesome and said to come after the gig and meet them at the back of the venue and they would try and get us in!

So, in the blink of an eye, I had dragged my friend from her pyjamas and out to Rock City, where Lawson had played earlier that night. We were met outside by the lovely Room 94 chaps and taken backstage, free of charge and ID/ticket inspection and past a good 200 screaming fans!  Once safely inside we were introduced to the members of Lawson ....... Best. Moment. Ever!!!! 

We spent the night partying like rock stars WITH rock stars at the venue and had an incredible night!  Thanks Lawson and Room 94 for being fantastic fun guys! 

So basically, top tip, if anyone you know has some sort of celebrity contact, DON’T LOSE THEM AS FRIENDS AND BE NICE, then something like this could happen to you ;)

Alongside this excitable mayhem, yesterday was of course, St Patrick’s Day. You can’t really miss St Patrick’s Day can you? There were Guinness hats, green banners and constantly chanting drunken men EVERYWHERE in Nottingham yesterday. However, as annoying as those particularly festive types can be on a lazy Sunday, you just have to get into the spirit don’t you? I went for a cheap drink at my local with a few friends and as always, left my card at home and only took out £10 of cash with me to limit myself. It was a hilarious evening, with countless drinking games being played and lots of chips being served! 

Top tip in this scenario, DON’T ever wear nice clothes out on St Patrick’s Day, otherwise you will get them splattered with Guinness, as my beloved poor New York jumper will explain to you. 

As for the weather … appalling! Let’s all hope it starts to get warmer soon so I can write a blog on finding ways to purchase your Spring essentials on a budget! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Beckie x

Tuesday, 19th March 2013

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