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Most people cannot afford to have kids

It must be true because so many parents claim to have given up "things" to spend their money instead on their children.

Many are of course prepared to make sacrifices to see little copies of themselves emerge and develop.

Here's a question - and lets be honest, not generous - how many people have you met who were worth copying?
Most people are ok; borderline acceptable; worth the time of day; a little interesting; bearable; tolerable. 
I could go on but why bother when all that is being created is a list of words that all amount to, at best, "average"?

So when Mr and Mrs Somewhat Personable ask themselves "can we afford children?"  it might well be better for what we like to call society if the answer more often ended up being "no, and we won't bother".
Waiting outside school to meet my own nearly perfect offspring, I get a chance to see some prize specimens both waiting and emerging. 

It is not their physical ugliness that disturbs me .

80% of humans are apparently considered to be ugly. So I can accept that most schoolchildren and their creators are not going to be physically endearing.
I can live with physical ugliness (I do - he is my husband) but it is the horrible nature of many people's personalities that I find most repulsive. 

There are not nearly enough warm, kind, considerate human beings around.

Instead, we get rude, selfish, brash and self- focused. And, of course, with every copy produced, evolution seems to select such traits for enhancement.

And then there are those who go on having more offspring just because it is possible to do so. 

Someone I know told me that waiting at her school gate there are three ladies who have had 15 plus children with the same fertile gentleman.

Why, I wonder? Lust, love, laziness (about contraception), lack (of intelligence), low (self esteem), living (in a bigger Council house) ....
As you can see, I am having an L of a time understanding their motives.
Anyway, for those not willing to throw themselves on the mercy of the state, perhaps lack of finances will give them pause for thought.

That thought might helpfully be "Don't have what you can't afford and don't make a poor copy of something that wasn't that good in the first place".

Tuesday, 19th March 2013

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