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14 Year Old Girl? No: A Womanly Heroine

Like all decent people, I have been horrified by the Taliban in Pakistan shooting a 14 year old girl because she wanted to go to school.

Words cannot express the admiration I have for the stand made by this young heroine. I find the extent of her bravery breathtaking and, in my heart, I know that I would not have been so brave. I would have remained at home - and the Taliban would have won.

It is tempting to proclaim that all of those responsible for the attempted murder must be brought to justice. However, it is difficult to fathom what punishment available under the law would be adequate.

Those who kill the defenceless in the name of God - any God - are quite simply fanatical maniacs who must be stopped. If we lose that battle, the future of all Western democracies will be under increasing threat.

A 14 year old girl has shown us the way. Like her, we must never give way in our quest to rid the World of those whose fanaticism leads them to believe murder is a tool of their trade.


Monday, 22nd October 2012

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