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Student Summer Savings

My first year at University has flown by so fast I can’t quite believe it! Exams and coursework deadlines kept me very occupied over the last few months, but I am free now!
Looking back over the last 9 months, I am proud of the way I managed to budget on my own, and although I may have splashed out during the last fortnight, on the whole, I only ever took out the cash that I needed at the time; I promise, staying out of your overdraft IS POSSIBLE!
As I am now at home, I have been using my spare time to go on work experience placements in London, and I have also joined a recruitment agency so that I can find temp work. So far, I have made about £400 from temping, which has gone straight into my personal account to fund my student lifestyle while I live at home.
I have come up with 5 simple and easy-to-follow tips for all my fellow students to use through summer. I am certain all of us have got a lads/girls holiday booked at some point this summer that we need to save for, so tip number 1, despite being obvious, is …
1) Try and limit yourself to going out at home to once/twice a fortnight. It may sound tough considering students go out pretty much every night whilst living away, but try and enjoy the cheaper options of life at home and save the cash for holiday when you’ll really need it!
2) Petrol is a bomb, so if you have a car, only take it out when you most desperately need it. Share car journeys with friends and help each other out and donate a couple of quid to their petrol cost, then take them out next time. Alternatively, if your parents are feeling extra lovely, ask them nicely to give you a lift somewhere if you are really strapped for cash!
3) Wait for all the sales before you go rushing to the shops! Mid season and end of summer sales are starting to appear and don’t forget to shop online – sometimes it works out cheaper, especially if you order in advance and can wait 5 working days for the free delivery charge, PLUS you won’t have to drive anywhere to get it.
4) Look for a part time job or do some temping!  I know it’s hard, especially when the weather is so nice, but joining a recruitment agency like me is a fantastic way of earning money fast for a week or two’s work, plus it all counts as work experience for those all important impending graduate CVs!
5) Finally, as I have said many times before … ONLY GET CASH OUT WHEN YOU NEED IT! Don’t be tempted by the debit/credit card calling your name in your wallet or purse. Try your best to avoid using it, as it is so easy to over-spend. Before you go out anywhere, get money out beforehand and leave your card at home so you can only spend what you physically have. You’ll be surprised at how disciplined you’ll become and how much farther your money will stretch over the weeks!
Enjoy the gorgeous weather everyone!

Tuesday, 24th July 2012

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