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Mother's Milk

Being a mum, I have spent quite a long time over the years thinking about milk.

Breast feeding was my option and for quite a long time. Mind you, I didn't continue until my off-spring were over two as some mums do, but certainly long enough to ensure my children will have no cause to blame lack of mother's milk for any calcium deficiency, poor teeth or the like. They all have excellent molars, so I must have done something right.

Of course, children in the past didn't have to rely on mothers milk for long. At one stage, every young child in the UK used to get 1/3rd of a pint of milk every day when they attended school. Kids used to compete to be Milk Monitors! Bless!

Unfortunately, cost saving issues now mean school children don't all get free milk.

Probably as a result of schools no longer "educating" children as to how good it is to drink milk, the use of this wholesome product as a drink has fallen.

Falling demand and low world prices for milk products has put a great strain on our farming communities. UK supermarket groups have shown little interest in supporting our farming, forcing down prices at every opportunity.

Recent milk price reductions are reckoned to mean that up to 20% of our dairy farms will cease to produce in 2012 alone. This will have a devastating impact on the farmers involved and the rural communities in which they live.

Suicide amongst farmers is higher than in almost any other form of work. This is tragic.

The time has come for the Government to step in to save UK Agriculture, before it is too late. The supermarkets, left to their own ruthless devices, will destroy UK farming and the communities that depend on it for their survival.

They cannot be allowed to have their way.

Friday, 6th July 2012

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